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International Symposium «Education for Sustainable Development for All Generations – Social Agreement»

Education is a key enabler for ensuring economic sustainability, environmental integrity, social justice and personal and professional development for the benefit of person, society, country and natural environment. Education is a tool contributing to the more effective influence of continuing education on the sustainable development of regions – Social Agreement: outcome of the dialogue of actors of sustainable development and education for sustainable development.

International Symposium «Education for Sustainable Development for All Generations – Social Agreement» is a platform, where facilitators of the life-long learning practices and ESD experts, university teachers and representatives of CSOs, business, local authorities can present their best practices, focused on ecological integrity, economical sustainability, social welfare and regional human resources development.

Venue: Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank (Sovetskaya street 18, Minsk, Republic of Belarus).



I International Symposium «Education for Sustainable Development for All Generations – Social Agreement» was held in February 2016 in Minsk. Participants included ministers of education, natural resources and protection of the environment of the Republic of Belarus, vice-ministers of economy, labour and social protection of the Republic of Belarus, UNDP advisor in public administration, partners in the areas of regional development and ESD from Belarus, Armenia, Germany, China, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia. The total number of participants was more than 500.

Based on the results of the I. International Symposium  a memorandum "About the Development of Education Practices for Sustainable Development" was developed. Later it was presented at the meeting of the Coordinating Council on ESD at the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, at international meetings of the professional community of BSRESDN (Baltic Sea Region Network on ESD), of the international community RCE-Europe, supported by UNESCO, and supervised by the UN University in Tokio, Japan.

On consideration of the international expertise the joint  efforts of the Education for Sustainable Development Association and Belarusian State Pedagogical Maxim-Tank-University (BSPU) in the area of  conceptualization and promoting ESD practices as a key enabler for sustainable development were assigned with a status of  RCE-Belarus (certificate of the IAS-UNU from October 2, 2017).


«Joining capacities and opportunities of our partner, we contribute to the good living standards and achievement of Sustainable Development Goals in Belarus»

II International Symposium «Education for Sustainable Development for All Generations – Social Agreement» in the Republic of Belarus is being held under the patronage of the National Coordinator for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals with assistance from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and support from the UNDP project “Support to the National Coordinator on Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals and Strengthening the Role of the Parliament in the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals”, funded by UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA in Belarus.

The Overall Aim of Symposium: summarizing and expertise of the best practices and mechanisms of the continuous education which have impact on ensuring ecological integrity, economical sustainability, social welfare and development of the human resources in the regions.

The II International Symposium  is organized in the framework of the Belarusian-German project "Science Shop as an Instrument for the Integration of Educational and Sustainable Development Practices", 2016-2018,  Republic of Belarus. The project is implemented by the Education for Sustainable Development Association, the Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank (Belarus), the Wissenschaftsladen Bonn e.V. (Germany) with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and the Support Programme of Belarus of the Federal Government of Germany.

Organizing and Program Committee of Symposium include representatives of co-founder and partner organizations, as well as leading experts in education, ecology, economics, labour and social protection, regional development government, intersectoral interaction and international cooperation for the benefit of Sustainable Development Goals achievement (Committees` lists are to be defined).

               Format of work: plenary session, panel discussion, thematic problem groups, workshops, exhibition and expertise of the best practices associated with integrating of the education practices and sustainable development, individual and group consultations, final round table, publication of symposium contributions.


  1. Continuous education as a key factor for sustainable development of country, growth of the human potential and achievement of the social cohesion for the benefit of implementation of the National Strategy for Sustainable  Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Belarus, summary of the UN-Summit  “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, strategic tasks of The Global Action Programme (GAP) on ESD, UNECE Strategy for ESD.
  2. Continuous teacher education as an enabler for achieving Sustainable Development Goals through empowering different generations to adapt new values and transform the way of life  based on the knowledge transfer.
  3. State and civil society partnership in education for sustainable development (ESD) management on national, regional and local levels.
  4. Targeted scientific and educational support to ensure ecological integrity, economical sustainability, social welfare and development of the human potential in the local communities and regions.
  5. Scientific and didactic facilitation of the ESD practices for all generations.
  6. Organization of the Science Shop activities as a tool for network interaction between science, education and local communities in the sustainable development of the regions.

Working languages: Russian, Belarusian, English.


Providers of the education and sustainability practices on the local, regional and national levels, representatives of the legislative and executive branches, ministries and public authorities, initiatives for regional sustainable development, non-governmental organizations, business, international organizations, scientific and expert communities from different countries are invited to participate in Symposium.

      In order to participate in Symposium you should latest November  15, 2018 submit an application along with contributions in two languages: Russian and English to the Organizing Committee to e-mail: ccesd2018@gmail.comTotal length of the abstracts must be no more than two (2) text pages (A4) long in each language (with the list of references).

Contact numbers: +375 17 327 6372; +375 17 327 8750 (Coordination Center “Education for Sustainable Development” BSPU).

Contributions reviewed for a compliance with the topic areas of Symposium will be selected and included into the Symposium book of abstracts. The authors of the selected abstracts will get the invitation to participate in the event. Symposium book of abstracts will be published in English and Russian by the beginning of the Symposium.

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